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Contract Facility Management

ACMA offers expert Facility Management services on a contract basis, giving full-time support to the current management team and board.

ACMA’s work in managing non compliance and contract facility management has always been professional and  provided significant support and capacity building for their clients. 

Jen Lam, Former Director, Positive Rehab

Interim Clinical and Facility Management Support

ACMA offer flexible arrangements to support short term clinical and management resource requirements – anywhere in Australia. Our staff can be deployed in a variety of roles including Director of Nursing, Facility Manager, Home Care Manager and Acting CEO in major cities, regional and remote locations. We consistently achieve a level of success that results in aged care providers requesting a longer contract or offering a permanent role.

Management Agreements

Where an approved provider is seeking to enter into a Management Agreement for the ongoing operation of an aged care service, ACMA’s Management Team provide local management, backed by established quality and risk management systems, human resource management systems and financial management systems.

We will work with the governing body to assume day-to-day operational responsibility of the service and provide comprehensive reporting on clinical, financial, and operational outcomes. With a broad range of advisory, strategic, clinical and risk management expertise, backed by proven methodologies and practical experience, your facility is in capable hands.


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Our Experience

ACMA are trusted by providers across the country to maintain or recover non-compliance, develop stronger clinical and governance systems, and to improve business outcomes.