Our success in managing non-compliance is your security

Sanctions & Non-Compliance

ACMA has a 100% success in supporting aged care providers to recover compliance against the Aged Care Quality Standards.

We partner with aged care providers and their teams to alleviate the stress of non-compliance and sanction, enabling a respectful engagement between service staff, consumers, families, and regulatory authorities.

Our specialist team of clinical and governance professionals will act quickly to mitigate risk and work with your team to establish a clear plan for remediation. We are there to work alongside service staff, providing regular and transparent communication, and mentoring to build capability and confidence.

Can I re-iterate our sincere thanks to the team members you provided to support the sanctions over the last 6 months.  It is not something I ever want to experience again but we can honestly say that your team made this process much easier than it would have otherwise.  We know who to recommend if anyone ever asks us.

Annette Hili, Former Chief Operating Officer, Baptistcare – New South Wales

How it works

Your ACMA advisor will meet with you onsite within 24 hours to discuss the nature of the sanction or non-compliance. We will walk you through the remediation process, setting key deliverables and cost structures for ACMA support.

Our team will:

  • Provide immediate and targeted responses to address health and safety risks to consumers.
  • Assess the health and wellbeing of all consumers and identify areas of risk
  • Develop and monitor plans to achieve quality and safe outcomes for all consumers
  • Coordinate the Plan for Continuous Improvement
  • Facilitate daily meetings with management and service staff
  • Provide toolbox training, mentoring and support to service staff
  • Provide a range of consumer engagement activities guided by consumers needs and preferences, restoring confidence in your service
  • Liaise with external service providers to coordinate required improvements
  • Provide support to resolve complaints
  • Provide regular reporting to executive and boards
  • Draft all reports to the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission and Department of Health

We will work with you until you achieve all target outcomes and regain compliance.

Fundamental to ACMA’s approach is working in partnership to embed new ways of working to prevent future non-compliance or Sanction.

If you have been issued with a ‘Notice to Agree’ or have concerns about your compliance status, please get in touch with us today for more information on how we can assist you.

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Our Experience

ACMA are trusted by providers across the country to maintain or recover non-compliance, develop stronger clinical and governance systems, and to improve business outcomes.