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Indigenous Health

ACMA are dedicated to building relationships with Traditional Owners and Elders, to navigate the complexities of the aged care system and to working together to enable culturally safe and appropriate care for the elderly amongst their communities.

We have a long history of providing our specialist services to indigenous communities, and ACMA’s principal advisor, Peter Vincent, was the first Independent Nurse Advisor to be appointed to manage issues of non-compliance and sanctions in the Indigenous health arena.

ACMA was able to mobilize at short notice to travel and live in a remote indigenous community for an extended period with relative ease.  The clinical and aged care skills delivered met all key deliverables within agreed timeframes. ACMA  engaged quietly and professionally gaining the trust of the Indigenous community and its leadership, supporting the continuity of the age care service.

Rick Callaghan, Managing Director, Yaran Business Services

ACMA has significant experience working in rural and remote health services, providing management support and compliance remediation to many indigenous communities located in Northern Territory, South Australia, and Western Australia. This support includes

  • Financial and operational analysis
  • Grants and subsidies administration
  • Policy and procedure development
  • Training and mentoring to local staff
  • Comprehensive consumer assessments and care planning
  • Support to local Indigenous communities to take control of their business
  • Liaison with Government departments to seek support for the service provider
  • Building trusting relationships with service providers and key stakeholder groups

ACMA has achieved a 100% success rate in recovering compliance for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander aged care providers.

We are also members of the Commonwealth Government’s Remote and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Aged Care Service Development Assistance Panel (SDAP).


If you are seeking specialised support and advice for Indigenous Health and Aged Care Services, please get in touch with us today for more information on how we can assist you.

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ACMA are trusted by providers across the country to maintain or recover non-compliance, develop stronger clinical and governance systems, and to improve business outcomes.