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Aged Care Management Australia maintains 100% Success rate in compliance management

For aged care providers who suffer sanctions and non-compliance, it is a costly and stressful period. Most providers would see little change from $750K (or more) with lost income, consultancy costs, increased staff wages and the capital expenditure required to prevent the ultimate loss of accredited status. Add to this the loss of reputation, loss of organisational skills and knowledge and senior staff, and the outcome becomes one of great significance.

Aged Care Management Australia (ACMA) have worked with many organisations to prevent non-compliance escalating to sanctions and many that have been sanctioned and there are no shortcuts, or easy fixes. Our current contract to manage sanctions with serious risk and 32 issues of non-compliance took our team 3 months (95 days to be precise) to remove serious risk, meet out time lines for improvement, regulatory requirements and recover all 44 outcomes for our client.

Through experience we have developed a unique methodology to the management of the sanction process, adopting a direct hands on approach that sees at least one of our team on site every day until compliance is regained.

A sanctioned organisation not only has to deal with the complexity of the sanction process but also has to continue to manage the day to day operations of the business, maintain an extremely high risk management process, and continue to trade profitably. The recovery process will require significant external expertise and is not limited to a single ‘nurse advisor’.

Depending on the nature of the issues leading to sanction, the range of skills required will include high level clinical and management staff, allied health, specialist risk management and media support.

We have developed an expert team of aged care managers , clinicians and allied health professionals to work with organisational staff from the CEO down to ensure that compliance is regained and sustained, that operational needs are met and that income streams are maximised at all times.

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Our Experience

ACMA are trusted by providers across the country to maintain or recover non-compliance, develop stronger clinical and governance systems, and to improve business outcomes.