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ACMA finalises Compliance Issues for Aged Care provider


Aged Care Management Australia (ACMA) was approached at the beginning of July by a provider who had been sanctioned with serious risk.  ACMA put a proposal to the provider that involved addressing the issues using a team approach.  One of the biggest issues any provider with compliance issues will face is having appropriate resources to address the non-compliance and at the same time maintain the operations of the facility.

Working with the providers executive management team and facility staff, ACMA placed a team of highly skilled clinicians to work to restore clinical and operational systems.

The first steps are always to identify the root cause that lead to system failure and to review the care of specific care recipients who have been identified as being at risk. In the initial stages ACMA senior clinical and principal consultant were on site 7 days a week for 6 weeks working and mentoring with staff across all shifts, meeting with relatives and residents to listen to concerns and take feedback on progress.  The organisation was given a Time Line For Improvement ( TFI ) to address an initial 32 unmet outcomes that was quickly reduced to 24 issues on non-compliance.   Working with facility staff and with the support of residents and relatives the organisation met the TFI with a recommendation that all 44 outcomes had been returned to compliance.  With a total of 95 days on site ACMA had re-established clinical and operating systems, provided extensive training and mentoring to all staff categories, regained the confidence of the residents and relatives.   Re-accreditation for an initial period of 12 months was confirmed.

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